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  • Our interior design offering is a complete start to finish service.
  • We will deliver, install and take away all the rubbish leaving your property ready to go live and generate revenue the minute we close and lock the door behind us.
  • We can install to any UK location and the typical setup takes less than eight hours.

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Luke Styles offers a holistic solution to the furnishing of your rental properties. Our interior design specialists have created curated packages for our clients to choose from. Our premium landlord clients have the added benefit of their installed furnishings increasing their rental value and the overall return on their investment.



Duration: 1 Day


Duration: 3-5 Days


Duration: 1 Day

Ready to Go LIVE!

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Great locations, amazing views, beaches, vibrant cities and amazing restaurants. All our properties are spacious, stylish, clean and with all facilities you would expect.  These include a washing machine, towels and complimentary welcome packs. It is the small touches that make the difference and will make your guest feel special. Fast Wi-Fi and access to Netflix, Prime and more with our smart-enabled TV’s. From travelling businesses to digital nomads, ex-pats looking for regular accommodation and weekend tourists. Families, friends and professionals. We accommodate EVERYONE and ANYBODY is welcome!

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Luke Styles provides our clients with the opportunity to make an informed decision on their properties furnishings, without having to do the work themselves.

Within our downloadable Luke Styles PDF, clients will find a number of furnishing options to choose from and apply to their properties. Plus, we’ll have everything installed in days, not weeks!


“Ryan and his team have been a pleasure to work with. The communication was fantastic from start to finish and I was kept up to date every step of the way”

“I was referred to Ryan by my accountant and his focus on making me feel comfortable was apparent from that start which put me at ease and we have continued to invest ever since”

“Seeing Luke Homes’s projects and being on site with their team is very reassuring and this is why I not only invested with Ryan but I also introduced several friends ”

Hi Ryan, Hope you are doing well.
Just wanted to let you know that your team has been amazing with all of my SA’s,
there was a lot of problems with them and they have been tackled. The team has been there during the whole process and now all my SA’s are doing well again! Special thanks to Joanne for all her help and answering all my spam emails and helping everything get organized so quickly. Glad to be one of your clients.

Just wanted to say mate, SA’s killed it last month and the money generated from
them 2 has took an unbelievable weight off my shoulders. Cheers for managing them and cheers for giving me the kick to go get some. 


What do serviced apartments include?

Serviced apartments typically include everything you would find in a hotel room and a home. This style of renting is a cross between the two and as short term rental hosts you have to ensure all the day to day necessities are there as one missing cork screw could lead to a bad review and that could affect your future revenue. 

You have to know who your avatar is that is going to be staying with you. For example a contractor booking through the week in your serviced apartment is probably going to require different things to a stag and hen party staying in your serviced apartment at the weekend. 

Once you understand your avatar then you know how to furnish your serviced apartment. 

The next hurdle is getting all that furniture from multiple places and setting it up which can be quite time consuming. 

Alternatively… you can deploy a furniture specialist like Luke Styles, who also specialise in operating in this industry, so know exactly how your serviced apartment should be styled to attract the right guests. 

Download a brochure today to see our range and feel free to open a chat with our friendly advisors.

Is furnishing a rental property tax deductible?

Furniture within a serviced apartment or house or just a standard residential AST income-producing property is typically claimed as a plant and equipment deduction. This refers to the easily removable items within an investment property which furniture certainly comes under. To be eligible to claim depreciation for furniture within a rental property, you must: … directly incur the cost of the furniture and you can still claim if you are leasing the furniture. In fact there are some additional benefits to leasing furniture over and above buying outright for cash. 

Either way though if you are running a short term rental business as a landlord or a HMO style operation then you will require furniture and it is going to be a cost. 

It can also be time consuming to organise and set up which is why thousands of landlords reach out to landlord furniture suppliers to do it all for them. 

Luke styles can be that partner for you, download a brochure today to see our range and feel free to open a chat with our friendly advisors.

How much does it cost to furnish a rental property?

Unfortunately this question falls under the “depends” category. It depends on the size of the property and the style you are looking to achieve. However as a ballpark figure to kit out a 2 bed serviced apartment in most UK locations you would be looking at somewhere between £3,500 – £4,500 for everything setup and installed and rubbish taken away. 

That’s exactly what we do here at Luke Styles and you can download our brochure which includes our prices.

How to furnish a serviced apartment on a budget?

Serviced apartments, holiday furnish lets, airbnbs… whatever you are calling them, need to be furnished to generate revenue. 

You can do it on the cheap by sourcing from Facebook marketplace, gumtree, craigslist, dubizzle and many other online groups, websites and forums however you must factor in your time to source, install and remove the rubbish versus getting setup and taking bookings. 

For example you may take 2 weeks to do it yourself and save £1,000 however a professional furniture supplier can set you up in 3 days and then you could collect more than £1,000 in revenue over the next 10 days or so. 

As the saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice” and often this is the case with second hand furniture. 

You also have to remember that we are in a hospitality game so reviews are paramount therefore first impressions are crucial so ensure if you are doing this on a budget it DOES NOT look like a budget place. 

Download our brochure today to see what we can offer you at wholesale prices.

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