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Luke Stays Franchise has been designed and developed to help you every step of the way with your investment journey.  We provide you with all the support you need to build your business from anywhere in the world.

Following the initial training, Luke Stays Franchise has put together a step by step plug and play setup.  The system will ensure that you know how to communicate with estate agents, find deals and analyse all the relevant details to evaluate profit. 

Additionally, you will learn how to plug in all the different systems to ensure a smooth running and operation along with knowledge of the technology that runs our business and keeps us ahead of our competition. 

You can be part of this experience within minutes of investing with Luke Stays Franchise.

We Help Build
Your Business

I have mentored and helped hundreds of people on their journey into the Airbnb industry.

The training on offer is unique, with a proven training methodology and track record.

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It has been successful for ourselves and our clients who have seen their businesses grow exponentially with the help of
Luke Capital Group.

Why Did I Choose The Franchise Model?

I initially intended to have a sales team in every all of our locations before I changed my business strategy to include the franchise model. I am a big fan of the ripple effect.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with other like-minded and motivated business people who crave success. These entrepreneurs need a helping hand to facilitate a positive change in their lives and those around them.

It is my ambition to create 100 millionaires from my ripple effect in my lifetime. I am well on my way to doing this and I have ticked the box several times thus far.

I want you to become one of these millionaires and start changing other peoples lives too.

Learn More About Our Franchise Business

Simply provide us with your contact information and we will provide you with a download link to our investor pack. The pack contains an incredible outline of our business model and a brief overview of how we earn our clients money. This document also showcases a number of premium benefits such as our booking application, concierge services and more.

You can check our booking website, Luke Stays, to know about our properties, and how you can start earning with your properties.


“Ryan and his team have been a pleasure to work with. The communication was fantastic from start to finish and I was kept up to date every step of the way”

“I was referred to Ryan by my accountant and his focus on making me feel comfortable was apparent from that start which put me at ease and we have continued to invest ever since”

“Seeing Luke Homes’s projects and being on site with their team is very reassuring and this is why I not only invested with Ryan but I also introduced several friends ”

Hi Ryan, Hope you are doing well.
Just wanted to let you know that your team has been amazing with all of my SA’s,
there was a lot of problems with them and they have been tackled. The team has been there during the whole process and now all my SA’s are doing well again! Special thanks to Joanne for all her help and answering all my spam emails and helping everything get organized so quickly. Glad to be one of your clients.

Just wanted to say mate, SA’s killed it last month and the money generated from
them 2 has took an unbelievable weight off my shoulders. Cheers for managing them and cheers for giving me the kick to go get some. 

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What are the best franchises to buy in the UK?
    1. Mcdonalds
    2. Dominos
    3. Starbucks
    4. Pizza Hut
    5. Costa Coffee
    6. Burger King 

The downside is these franchises typically cost in excess of 6 figures and you need to have a great property location to make them work. 

For a fraction of the cost you can get involved in “Airbnb hosting” or short term rental serviced accommodation property investing as the pro’s call it. 

This short term renting accommodation sector of the property industry is booming right now and has been for the last 10 years since the launch of Airbnb and many other online travel agents adapted to the residential market and gave everyday landlords like you and I the ability to market to billions of people looking for accommodation around the world. 

Luke Stays have mastered this model, controlling in excess of £30m worth of property in its first 3 years of operation and hosting in excess of 40,000 guests across multiple continents. 

Due to the flexibility of the model and the speed at which it can create results Ryan Luke, CEO and Founder, decided he wanted to work with franchise partners all over the world and thus Luke Stays Franchise was born. 

The franchise will show you everything from getting started to scaling to dizzy heights in a very short space of time. And although you won’t have a Mcdonalds badge to show off you will be able to run this business from a mobile phone, anywhere in the world. Meaning more time back for you and the ability to travel the world yourself whilst making money when you sleep. 

To find out more about the Luke Stays Franchise for short term rental property investing simply download our brochure and open a chat with one of our friendly advisors

Is buying a franchise a good idea in the UK?

Franchises report high profitability and significantly lower failure rates than startups, so it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice for those wanting to leave employment and take greater control over their working life. 

Entrepreneurs all over the world believe they need to create something new or come up with the next “Facebook” idea to be successful. Tony Robbins once said the “true power of success is watching someone who is where you want to be and modelling what they do”.

Why re-write the rule book? 

If something is working well for someone else it can surely work for you as well once you understand the pieces of the puzzle. 

Franchising is the best way to do this as your investment gains you access to all those tools and then you simply follow the franchise manual, put them into play, wrap a bit of hard work around it all and you will be successful. 

Another great thing about franchises is that you have support and accountability from the franchisor to ensure you are successful. As most franchises have to pay a revenue share to the franchisor it is in their best interest to ensure you are successful. 

A great franchise is worth its weight in gold and the Luke Stays Franchise is right up there in terms of great opportunities to give you a successful platform to build an incredible career from. 

To find out more about the Luke Stays Franchise for short term rental property investing simply download our brochure and open a chat with one of our friendly advisors

How much does it cost to buy a franchise in the UK?

The cost of buying a franchise in the UK varies from a several thousand pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds, depending on the size of the brand you are acquiring. Mcdonalds for example is going to be a lot more expensive than a less known brand. The average cost of buying a franchise is £15,000, but new franchisees will also need an average of £68,000 to pay for premises, equipment, stock, and so on. 

There are however many franchises that don’t require premises, stock and inventory and have much less barriers to entry. Luke Stays Franchise is certainly one of them. With the flexibility to run the business from a mobile phone in the second largest industry in the world it is the perfect franchise for most. 

To find out more about the Luke Stays Franchise for short term rental property investing simply download our brochure and open a chat with one of our friendly advisors


Do franchises make money UK?

The UK franchise industry is thriving at the moment post COVID. It has a net worth of £17.2 billion and creates 710,000 jobs annually which are eye watering statistics really. 93% of UK franchisees profit from their business, with 60% of them enjoying a turnover of more than £250,000.

The great thing about franchising is you can model the success of an established business and get their support whilst you build your business out which is why the success rate is so high for franchisees in the UK. 

At the Luke Capital Group we are no different with our Luke Stays franchise offering. Ryan Luke, CEO has successfully mentored over 200 businesses in this industry to emulate the success he has created within the Luke Capital Group. You now have the opportunity to model that success and get the support from our team of experts everyday to ensure you get off to a flying start and continue to scale at a rapid pace. 

To find out more about the Luke Stays Franchise for short term rental property investing simply download our brochure and open a chat with one of our friendly advisors

Can you get rich buying a franchise?

But the bigger question is: can you become rich by buying into a franchise in the UK? The short answer to this is a resounding YES. Investing in a robust franchise business can help you ramp up your income stream, as well as diversify your investment portfolio very quickly. Reputable franchises have proven formulas that you simply model and with a bit of hard work can make your own version very successful as you piggy back of the established brand. The majority of start up businesses fail because they have no branding to rely on and have to figure everything out themselves which often leaves them unstuck. 

To find out more about the Luke Stays Franchise for short term rental property investing simply download our brochure and open a chat with one of our friendly advisors

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